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Disaster Response

Disaster Response Database

Tracking disaster information

Disaster comes in many forms... hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, terrorism and others. But throughout these tragedies, there is a common thread---the need for disaster response agencies to organize their efforts effectively and in a way that will help them address immediate and long-term needs. This management tool can do just that.

The Disaster Response Database (DRD) was born out of a natural catastrophe---the 1997 floods that covered the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, the agency spearheading the relief efforts, found reporting and tracking important information to be a big challenge in the midst of this disaster. It used the lessons it learned during the floods to create this comprehensive tool.

What it does...

The Disaster Response Database organizes disaster-related information into these components:

  • Client Information

    * tracks client's vital information
    * lists special populations
    * determines priorities based on needs

  • Financial

    * tracks client's payments from
    * FEMA
    * insurance
    * agency/unmet needs committees
    * personal income and savings

  • Construction

    * generates scope to complete construction
    * lists materials needed
    * coordinates with volunteer information

  • Donations

    * tracks cash and in-kind donations

  • Equipment

    * lists sources and values of equipment
    * tracks where it is and who used it

  • Volunteers

    * follows groups and individuals
    * tracks locations they worked in
    * identifies skills and skill levels

Easy to Use

The database is designed to accommodate those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with computers. It allows you to use only the components you need. You can also customize the database for the disaster you are faced with. Forms required by the database are in Microsoft WORD® are included and the branding can be changed easily. The database operates on Microsoft Office 2013 Professional - ACCESS® (or higher) and requires no additional costly software.

The Disaster Response Database generates a variety of reports without survivors' names for reports to be used outside the disaster-relief agency or with names for internal agency use. Data is entered only once and all these reports can be produced on demand with the click of a mouse. A sample database with test data is also included, allowing you to add/change/delete data to become better acquainted with the database.

Putting the Database to Work for You

The database is available as a single copy for small operations or it can also be used on a server for multiple users and is compatible with Microsoft Office 365.

To learn more about the database, contact Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response at 1-800-950-2901 or by email.

The Disaster Response Database is copyrighted by Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Our Impact This Year

  • People received help with immigration-related services


  • Problem gamblers who found help


  • Hours of training provided by Child Care Aware to early childhood workforce


  • Seniors provided with companionship in North Dakota


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