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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence thrives when we are silent; but if we take a stand and work together, we can end domestic violence.

Lutheran Social Services Violence Free holds batterers accountable by providing an opportunity through group treatment for them to change their belief systems for safety and respect in their significant partner relationships.

Lutheran Social Services Violence Free is the only program in the South Central Region that meets the North Dakota Batterer Treatment Standards.

Dennis Larkin, Lutheran Social Services Violence Free director, talks about treatment options for batterers.

Facts about domestic Violence in N.D.

Janell Regimbal, Sr. Vice President for Children and Family Services, discusses how our agency helps alleviate domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.

CLICK HERE for more information about Lutheran Social Services Violence Free.

Our Impact This Year

  • People received help with immigration-related services


  • Problem gamblers who found help


  • Hours of training provided by Child Care Aware to early childhood workforce


  • Seniors provided with companionship in North Dakota


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