Youth Interventions


Lutheran Social Services Attendant Care provides short-term care and supervision in a safe and non-secure setting for youth age 8-18 who have committed a minor offense.

This program in Grand Forks keeps youth out of jail while awaiting release to parents, allowing law enforcement to return to other duties.

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Youth Interventions


Restorative Practices are a continuum of informal and formal strategies to create safe schools, improve school climate, and decrease suspensions. LSS works with schools to provide training, consultation and support to build communities where every student can thrive academically and relationally.

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Youth Interventions


The Youth Cultural Achievement Program (YCAP) is for youth who have been in contact with law enforcement and/or the juvenile justice system. YCAP seeks to support and connect youth with services that will prevent them from entering or progressing further into the justice system. 

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Youth Interventions


The Restorative Justice program seeks to restore those harmed by an offense, to encourage accountability from the person who committed the offense, and to promote safe, secure, and peaceful communities. 

Our program provides a wide array of services and trainings.  The restorative processes are geared specifically for those referred by North Dakota Juvenile Court and Division of Juvenile Services.

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Youth Interventions


Lutheran Social Services Day Report promotes the well-being of at-risk youth through after-school structure, supervision and education. This after-school program serves teens ages 14 to 17 who have a history of delinquent offenses and are currently involved with the North Dakota Juvenile Court or the Division of Juvenile Services.

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