North Dakota Juvenile Court contracts with Lutheran Social Services Restorative Justice to provide the Youth Cultural Achievement Program (YCAP) in Cass County for youth who have been in contact with law enforcement and/or the juvenile justice system. YCAP seeks to support  and connect youth with services that will prevent them from entering or progressing further into the justice system. Providing youth with support as soon as possible can help them:


  • Address any issues they are having that may contribute to an arrest

  • Process the situation to increase personal accountability of their actions

  • Navigate and understand the juvenile justice system

  • Stay in compliance with legal requirement and mandated programming as their case moves through the juvenile justice system

How it works

To facilitate this process, police officers provide information to youth/families who are eligible for YCAP.

Officers can use these cards any time they interact with youth and learn that they could use support, not just during an arrest, so that all youth who would benefit from support are offered it.


Miriam Dashtipour


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