Therapy Services

Abound Counseling brings quality, affordable behavioral health services to people in communities across North Dakota through a therapy network that matches experienced therapists with individuals and families who seek care.


Abound Counseling accepts most major insurances.

Telehealth services can be provided to any site in ND that can support a HIPAA-compliant computer link provided by LSSND.

Therapy Services


Violence Free holds domestic violence batterers accountable by providing a group treatment opportunity for them to change their belief systems related to safety and respect in their significant partner relationships.


People referred to Violence Free are usually court ordered to treatment.  They go through an Orientation where they fill out questionnaires regarding their intimate partner violence. At times, a request is made by the  court for a Domestic Violence Evaluation. In those cases, a clinical interview is done, the individual answers questionnaires regarding their intimate partner violence, and assessments are made. The recommendation to attend or not attend group is sent to the referring agency.


Violence Free has programs in Bismarck, Minot, Williston and Dickinson.  All Programs are certified to be in compliance with the North Dakota Batterers Treatment Standards.

Therapy Services

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota's Gambler's Choice is a program that is dedicated to helping those who struggle with gambling addictions to heal, while also promoting awareness and education about the issue.

Therapy Services


Counselors work to strengthen families of at-risk youth by helping them find ways to work through crisis situations and become self sufficient in handling future challenges.

The program offers an alternative solution to the out-of-home placement of at-risk children and adolescents. Counselors work to strengthen families by helping them find ways to work through crisis situations and become self sufficient in handling future challenges.

Therapy Services

Luther Hall is a licensed psychiatric residential treatment facility that serves youth ages 10 to 17 who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition and need residential-level care and treatment to heal.


​Clients of Luther Hall receive individualized treatment services within our medical model.  While clients work on their own treatment goals, they also participate in milieu groups that challenge their thinking and teach positive decision making, social skills and coping skills.  Our program allows the time and environment for youth to heal and work towards improved family relationships.  We believe each resident and family to be unique and provide the necessary programming to meet those needs.

Therapy Services


DIVERT counsels families with at-risk youth (ages 6-17) to prevent court involvement and keep families together while helping the youth develop skills and healthy activities. 

Early intervention and family involvement are key components to Lutheran Social Services DIVERT (Discovering Integrating Voluntary Effective Resolutions Together).

Services are available in an approximate 60-mile driving radius of our Family Service Hubs located within the state of North Dakota in the Grand Forks, Dickinson, and Watford City areas.


Therapy Services

A counseling program specifically tailored to farmers and ranchers.


Available in-person or via tele-health services.

Therapy Services


Free Through Recovery is a community based behavioral health program designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns. 

Free Through Recovery participants will work with local providers to receive Care Coordination, Recovery Services and Peer Support.

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