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  • Lutheran Home Cook Book

    In celebration of 100 years of service to North Dakotans, Lutheran Social Services has re-printed a cookbook originally published by the First Lutheran Church Ladies Aid to raise funds for LSS’s home for unwed mothers sometime in the late 1920s or 1930s. Women’s church groups were an important part of LSSND’s history. Organizations like the Ladies Aids and Gleaners frequently raised money for equipment, furniture, toys and other items at the House of Mercy and other LSS properties.  Some of those grandmothers, moms, wives, daughters and aunts are listed in the 134-page “Lutheran Home Cook Book,” which contains timeless recipes (meatloaf, peach pie) plus a few historic curiosities (Pork Fruit Cake or Prune Whip, anyone?). This charming publication is reprinted exactly as we found the original, including water-stained pages and newspaper recipes that had been pasted on spare pages. The two-ring binding and durable, waterproof pages mean it will stand up to many sessions of cooking – or just reading – for years to come.


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