Thrivent Action Team funding, local volunteers work to help Minot housing sites shine

Volunteer by volunteer, project by project, Thrivent Action Teams are making the world a better and more beautiful place.

We saw one of those incredible teams in action earlier this summer when a Thrivent member applied for Thrivent Action Team funding in order to clean up the Guardian Manor site in Minot, a housing project Lutheran Social Services Housing started managing in late May.

We were able to benefit from the hard work and good hearts of 26 volunteers that day. Twenty-one of them were volunteers/missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and four volunteers were from the Minot Air Force Base. “It was a wonderful combination,” says Bryan Quigley, special projects coordinator at LSSND, adding that much progress was made in one day.

In efforts to correct a past problem with moisture in Guardian Manor's crawl space, two volunteers spent the day cleaning and washing out eavestroughs so they will no longer run over and flood that space. Others trimmed trees around the entire apartment complex or removed dying or unwanted trees and shrubs, while others helped pile and load the trimmed branches. Others pulled weeds in the landscaped area around the complex.

Another industrious group emptied six apartments that still held old furniture and garbage. They loaded it all in a dump trailer and hauled it to the Minot City Landfill – not just once, but six times! The total weight came to somewhere between 5,000 to 6,000 pounds.

When the volunteers from the Minot Air Base showed up, they were quickly pressed into carpet-removal duty. Thanks to their willing and capable help, unwanted flooring was removed from five apartment units.

It was hard work, but well worth it. Residents in an elderly housing project nearby watched the progress of our work during their walks and were very complimentary of the improvements!

In addition, that day, nine of the volunteers traveled to Broadway Circle and spent half the day raking and bagging about 40 bags of grass clippings and garbage. Jean Quigley, church relations coordinator at LSSND, supervised that crew of volunteers.

Missionaries continue putting their faith into action

As a follow-up, Bryan asked the LDS missionaries if they could also help him clean two LSS apartments at Polaris Park (the other Minot project that LSS Housing started managing in late

May) the following Monday. Undeterred by the hard work they’d done so far, they eagerly agreed. Bryan had asked for two to four people; nine volunteers showed up! They made quick work of two apartments. That crew also spent time picking up garbage around the complex and filling gopher holes. They were multi-talented.

Bryan also reports that 20 LDS missionaries came to Kenmare, N.D., a couple of weeks ago to work on the city’s Pioneer Village. They not only worked five hours that day, but they plan to return and finish scraping and painting two more buildings!

We are so grateful to the generosity of Thrivent as well as those people who, regardless of beliefs or denomination, know that we are all brothers and sisters. Talk about putting one’s faith into action!

It's worth noting that the missionaries' dedication and hard work don't end there. A group of 12 missionaries will return to Polaris Park apartments on Aug. 12 to clean out garages, trim trees, fill gopher holes and continue doing their part to help their neighbors. Although they wear name tags, Bryan says he's getting to know their names by heart by now!

By Bryan Quigley and Tammy Swift

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