Step right up: Volunteers and Thrivent help us make Lakota property safer and more welcoming

Volunteers Josh and Larry Crowder drove many miles to help with the project.

With some volunteer help, a little assistance from Thrivent and a lot of ingenuity,  LSS Housing has been able to “step up” the safety and appeal of its Alex Paul apartments in Lakota.

Volunteers Larry Crowder and his son Josh drove two hours from Bowdon and Special Projects Coordinator Bryan Quigley traveled three hours from Kenmare to tackle this much-needed carpentry project in Lakota.

 Larry and Josh were kindly “stepping in” to fill the footsteps of Pastor Mark Nygard, who had helped secure the Thrivent Action Team funds of $250 for this project, which involved repairing the stairs leading into the Alex Paul. 

Pastor Nygard had originally intended to help with the labor, but after the project was postponed, he had already returned to his work in Minneapolis.  Instead, he recruited his son-in-law Larry and grandson Josh for the project, which meant a lot to us. (We should note that Larry and Josh also helped extensively when the LSS Bismarck Program Center received a facelift.)

We entered into the project with “before” photos and a plan on how to build new front steps on a reasonable budget. The Thrivent card covered almost all of the materials, so LSS only had to kick in $17 of its own funds to complete the project.

We spent five hours rebuilding the steps and improving the surrounding area. This included seriously cutting back a lilac that had grown too bigIn addition, we leveled the area by the backsteps and laid in the used recycled landscaping bricks from the front steps

While there, we found yet another project to complete, which involves strengthening the rail on the second level on the back of the apartment building. A Lakota resident agreed to apply for another Thrivent grant. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to cross this project off our “to do” list in the near future!

Thanks, Thrivent, Larry and Josh, for helping the Alex Paul thrive!

By Tammy Swift

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