Meet the Interns - Zeina Abouelazm

Name: Zeina Abouelazm

Internship area: Disaster Response Intern

School and year: NDSU- Sophomore

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Hobbies: Traveling, Jogging, Volleyball

Favorite food: “Wara’a 3enab” — stuffed grape leaves

Favorite books: Gone Girl, The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

Favorite movies: Hotel Rwanda, The Circle

Favorite TV show: The 100

Favorite place to go: The beach/ Outdoors in general

Why I’m interning at LSSND: Being a part of non-profit organizations as a career has always been my goal and LSS is one of the most influential organizations that I wanted to apply my school knowledge within to help the community as well as learn from the immense expertise and diverse employees in it. 

Goals for this internship: Know more about the field of Emergency Management within non-profit entities as well as familiarize myself with other humanitarian affairs sections within the organization.

Other goals: I’m hoping to finish my undergraduate degree then earn a masters degree in International Relations/ Public Policy and work with an International Nonprofit Organization as a part of their Humanitarian Affairs Team. 

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