LSS partners with Minot agencies to bring family emergency shelter, affordable housing to Magic City

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Minot, N.D.

At LSS, we believe that safe, comfortable, affordable housing is a basic human right.

Over the last 11 years, LSS Housing has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents in small communities across the state – regardless of age, background or income bracket – have access to decent housing.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll now be able to provide shelter and support to families and individuals in Minot as well, as part of a partnership between LSS and numerous Minot agencies.

On Monday night, the Minot City Council approved several agenda items that, together, open the door for LSS to help facilitate the creation of a much-needed project in the City of Minot. 

LSS, together with the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry, the Welcome Table food program, the Minot Area Homeless Coalition, Minot Housing Authority, Independence Inc, the YWCA, Men’s Winter Refuge, North Central Human Service Center and Salvation Army, will work together to help create and support six units of emergency shelter for families, a new space for the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry, a new site for community meals, 17 units of affordable rental housing for low/moderate income individuals, a community garden and some commercial space.

The idea for this project has been under discussion for almost eight years; LSS has only become actively involved in the last couple of years as the community wrestled with how to assemble a project that could be successful for the long term.

After the historic 2011 Minot Flood, the community identified a series of unmet community needs. They then endeavored to meet those needs with some of the federal dollars that were

Flood photo sources (l. to r.): City of Minot, James M. Schulz and Staff Sgt. Sharida Jackson, The National Guard made available to the community to bolster their resiliency to disasters. A lack of emergency shelter for families was one unmet need identified in the Disaster Resiliency Plan. Our “Broadway Circle” project was approved on Monday night by the City as something that could successfully meet that need. The City Council approved federal funds in support of the project totaling $5.8 million.

We’ll have much work to do in the Minot area over the next 18 to 24 months.

The good news is that we have a real “get-it-done” person in Minot to help make this happen. Mary Carlson has agreed to serve as the in-Minot liaison for the project (thanks Mary!). Mary works in the Child Care Aware / respite program for LSS, was part of LSS’ flood recovery efforts in Minot, is the head of the Leadership Team at the Lord’s Cupboard food pantry and is a member of the Welcome Table Board of Directors. We’re so lucky to have Mary’s deep experience and commitment to serving people as part of this project.

It is truly is a privilege to have the chance to serve the community in this way. We’re fortunate that we have, at the core of our culture, a desire to bring people together in service of the greater good, in new and creative ways, every day.

Learn more about LSS Housing HERE.

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