COACH MICHELLE: 'Keep going, mommas.' Words of encouragement from a momma who has been there

Last week I spent the evening at my sweet friend's farm. Before dinner we took a trip to her old red barn to see a couple of the new calves.

The rancher friend told me there were a couple of mommas that were having a hard time bonding and feeding their babies. So, he brought them in a stall together with hope that each momma would take to her newborn.

I remember thinking, "Wow, I get it." And, maybe this teen mom could've used a comfy pen with less stimuli, responsibility and pressure to bond with her babies. (Instead of the fake "I'm supposed to feel so blessed and complete, but truly I feel resentful and overwhelmed," feeling that was actually present at the time.)

As I stepped into the pen, the baby calf came hobbling over to me curiously. And, the momma cow slowly stood up, carrying her heavy milk bag below her, slowly stepping forward to protect her baby.

Good work momma.

Our eyes met. Her dark, tired, deep, scared, confused, "It's my first time and I don't know what I'm doing," gaze.

Keep going momma.

Mommas: Maybe that's all we need to hear in each new season of motherhood. - Coach Michelle.

A colicky screaming newborn who is nipple-confused while you feel like a failure for not being able to do what you were supposedly made to do – nurse?

Keep going momma.

A trying toddler, who put a big bite into another kid at a "I've got it all together" playdate?

Keep going momma.

Letting go and sending your kiddo off to school, feeling deadly guilty as they scream for you with their head plastered against the window of the school bus?

Keep going momma.

Watching your teen sabotage his life and wondering if he got the same self-destructive tendencies from your blood lines?

Keep going momma.

Saying goodbye for now to your graduate, while wondering if you gave him the tools he needs to make it in life, or if he's still lost because you never had that pen or natural way to try to connect as the newborn calf did?

Keep going momma.

Today, here's to all mommas. To the mommas who are aching for create life in their body. To the mommas who are mommas to pets not people. To the mommas who have love and lost a child. To the mommas who are new and aged, fostered and adopted.

To all mommas.

Keep going. Good work. Find your own pen, your own version of a quiet place, and rest. And, when it's right, get up and protect your baby. When you forget. When you have guilt. When you are lost. When you have to let go.

Give yourself grace. And keep going momma.

Michelle Massie is a mom, wife and coach with LSSND's Family Coaching program. She helps families with children from birth through adulthood to navigate rough waters, ensuring families have the right materials at the right time to construct, maintain or repair their well-being. Call 701-223-1510 or fill out the form at to get connected with this program.

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