Imagine Thriving and Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota Merger

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Fargo, ND, February 14, 2019–Imagine Thriving has merged with Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSSND) which will bolster the combined organization’s youth outreach efforts. The Imagine Thriving brand will serve as the umbrella title for LSSND’s community behavioral health initiatives.

Over the last several months, strategic conversations have taken place between LSSND and Imagine Thriving to find ways to work together to best serve the youth of North Dakota and remove the stigma that can surround mental health. Recently, a pivotal opportunity for Imagine Thriving’s programs to receive continual and sustainable support arose with the opportunity of bringing Imagine Thriving and LSSND together to work as one.

Since 1919, LSSND has recognized that it takes a humble spirit, a burning patience, and a willingness to be nimble and aware of community needs to shift community norms and to move the mountain that is systems change. LSSND has nurtured an organizational culture that services as springboard for all change-makers. Effecting positive change for youth experiencing mental health issues is a complex task that requires an integrated, comprehensive approach.

The integrated and comprehensive approach is what the state of North Dakota needs and the opportunity for Imagine Thriving to join LSSND in the fight to save and protect the youth of North Dakota was an easy choice. The best way for both organizations to help the youth of the community was to come together and respond as one. The two organizations banding together presents an opportunity to expand the core community mental health work of Imagine Thriving in the region and increase the scope exponentially across North Dakota. Together, Imagine Thriving and LSSND will reach more youth and families who need their assistance.

Imagine Thriving and LSSND understand that the stigma surrounding mental illness is a social justice issue at the root of so many concerns and crises of young people, their families, and their communities. Imagine Thriving is excited and proud of what 2019 will bring for the youth and families of North Dakota. The joint service provided by LSSND through Imagine Thriving will be the start of an integrated and comprehensive model for community mental health to help North Dakota truly thrive. It will be possible now for many more families and youth to imagine thriving in ways they may not have thought previously possible.

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