Desk Tour 4 - Yasmeen Frost

At home in the workplace …

For New American Services Resettlement Manager Yasmeen Frost, it’s the people who make her work so rewarding. She speaks warmly of those she works with, and her cozily decorated desk is home to several photographs of her NAS team at the Fargo LSSND.

“I love my team,” Frost said. “I make sure I always have them close to me, because together we achieve more.”

How does a desk reflect who you are?

“The photos of my team remind me that I’m not alone here,” Frost said. “It also reminds me that it’s not just about me, it’s about the whole team, and the work we do is important.”

Their work is indeed important, as they help new Americans make their homes in North Dakota. As resettlement manager, Frost makes sure that immigrants and refugees arriving here get the support they need. One indicator of that responsibility is represented by the whiteboard that hangs on her wall. She uses it to keep track of arrival numbers, new people arriving in the area – including those in Fargo, Grand Forks and Bismarck. “I have to keep the arrival numbers close,” Frost said.

Keeping track of the numbers and coordinating everything keeps Frost busy. She has several framed quotes on her walls that inspire her, including one from Carol Woodliff, which reads, “Each day, we choose how we are going to dance with life.” Frost explained that it was one of her favorite quotes and said, “When the day gets too stressful, I look at this quote.”

Another item that reflects Frost’s work is a piece of Egyptian artwork. A client who came from Egypt a while back gave her this artwork to show his appreciation for her help.

From files about NAS cases to a set of prayers hanging on the wall, Frost’s workplace shows both her interests and the important work she does. She said, “It’s like a little world for me—it has my own personal things, like these prayers, and also has things about my work and my team.”

A good reminder

Out of the many meaningful decorations and objects in her workspace, Frost’s favorites are a group photo of her team and a framed photo of Einstein with a quote that reads, “A bundle of belongings isn’t the only thing a refugee brings to his new country. Einstein was a refugee.”

“It reminds me what a wealth of things refugees bring,” Frost said.

As for the team photo, it’s easy to guess why this is Frost’s favorite object in her office: Her team brightens her day as she strives to brighten the days of those with whom she works.

Compiled by Michelle Foster - LSSND Communications

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