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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Wheels in the Workplace For some people, a desk is just a place to work. For Randy Brovold, LSSND’s IT Help Desk, it’s a place where his interests, as well as his work, are reflected.

One of these interests is cars. Sure enough, lining the top shelf of his workspace is a collection of Hot Wheels. From a blue ’75 Chevy Nova to a black 1968 Dodge Charger, Brovold can name each one.

“I am really into cars,” Brovold said. “I have a car on my desktop, and I’ve brought in my Hot Wheels collection. I also like to fix up cars. I’ve been a car guy all my life.”

How does a desk reflect who you are?

In addition to cars, Brovold’s desk hosts a spread of various objects and papers that hint at where his interests lie. From coffee cups to a dartboard to a SpongeBob clock naming Brovold as Employee of the Month, his desk displays plenty of character. His interests, like fishing and the Oakland Raiders, are represented in magnets and small objects that can be admired.

His interests outside work intersect with his job, and his desk provides a visual representation of this. As an IT Help Desk, Brovold is constantly up and moving from place to place to help people with their technological issues. Not surprisingly, he wisely doesn’t spend his hours straightening up his desk.

“It’s a mess,” Brovold said, gesturing to his desk as a whole. “But that’s like my work, because you’re always doing something.”

This is also evidenced by the page pinned to the wall beside his computer detailing the phonetic alphabet, which he uses often when speaking to people on the phone to make sure they’re using the right letters when they follow his instructions. In the assistance that he gives from his desk, Brovold receives an A for helpfulness—A as in Alfa (see the NATO phonetic alphabet).

Another interesting aspect is the grenade canister resting beside his Hot Wheels collection, a gift from co-worker Josh Jonason. Inside the canister? A variety of computer mice, once again pointing to Brovold’s technology-based career at LSSND.

Helmet at the Help Desk

Out of all the things on his desk, Brovold pointed out his Oakland Raiders helmet as his favorite object. As an emblem of his best-loved football team, the helmet sits proudly on his desk, only slightly larger than a fist but carrying enough significance to be considered one of Brovold’s prize objects.

While he’s often up and about, visiting other people’s desks to answer their calls for help and working to protect their computers, his desk—and computer—remains a place distinct to Randy Brovold.

Compiled by Michelle Foster, LSSND Communications

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