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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

When Amy Brooks returned to her job at LSSND as a case aid for Aging Life Care after some time off to get married, she found the words “Mrs. Amy Brooks” attached to the wall of her workspace in colorful letters. A photo of her and her new husband joined the decorations. It was a welcome surprise and has now become a part of her workspace.

“My coworkers did the name stuff because I was married about a month ago, and when I came back they had decorated my desk like this,” Brooks recalled, smiling at the memory.

Her desk displayed more of who she was—now a married person—in a fun way, and the fact that the decorations had been contributed to by her coworkers made it all the more special.

How does a desk reflect who you are?

Brooks’ desk is neat for the most part, with files and binders lined up on shelves, notes tacked to the wall, and flowers decorating a corner of her workspace. However, she admitted that it is not always this clean.

“If I’m busy, I’ll just come back here and plop things down wherever,” Brooks said. “But if I have a little time, I’ll straighten it out.”

The state of her desk then reflects Brooks’ busy job as a case aid. The objects and papers around her desk show the kind of work she does and her dedication to it. Her binders are full of resources for helping anyone who might call, there are pages of information tacked up on the workspace, and her social work license also hangs on the wall. These are all reminders of the work she does for LSSND.

Then there’s the coffee, evidenced by the cups on the corner of her desk, an aid to the hours spent helping people at her job—“Coffee’s important,” said Brooks.

Favorite Things

And it’s not just work that Brooks’ desk reflects. She pointed out a section of the wall of her workspace on which little notes had been attached.

“One thing I like are the little notes from when my husband sent me flowers, so I just saved them and put them on the wall,” Brooks explained. “The other notes are quotes I’ve found that I liked and taped there.”

Brooks’ desk is first and foremost a place to work, but while its decorations are modest, it might also tell you a bit about her if you look closely enough.

– Compiled by Michelle Foster, LSSND Communications.

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