The Neighbors Project is a new sustaining membership program for Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota. Your monthly contribution provides direct support to your neighbors through mental wellness initiatives, family strengthening programs, senior supports, youth supports, and resettlement and immigration assistance.

When you become a member of The Neighbors Project, you are putting your beliefs into action: fighting for your neighbors — with your neighbors — advocating for justice and peace, welcoming all to live safe and free. 

You are embracing diversity and recognizing the beauty and contributions of all. 


Giving people healing, help and hope.  Helping them live and be well in their homes and community.

We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility.
It’s easy to say ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.

Why become a sustaining member of the Neighbors Project?


  • Provide a sense of belonging to your community

  • Tiered gifts

  • Access to invite only events and discussions

  • Educational opportunities through Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota's Vivo Learning Program

  • Free or discounted tickets to major LSSND events

  • LSSND Monthly Book Club engagement

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