Community-Based Behavioral Health Services

Imagine Thriving provides direct mental well-being services to families and individuals. From our Skills Coaching program, Caregiver Connect discussions and the Access to Care Fund, opportunities exist for individuals of all ages to flourish and imagine themselves thriving.


The success of these programs is the understanding that ease-of-access is central to healthy communities. At Imagine Thriving, Instead of a traditional model of service that requires individuals to travel to a fixed location for assistance, Imagine Thriving brings the service to the individual – right into their own towns, rural neighborhoods or schools.

Skills Coaching

Through our school and community partners, the Imagine Thriving team learned about the importance of increasing the availability of home and community-based services to both children and adults. We at Imagine Thriving are excited to fill that need.


Skills Coaching is a new community-based initiative that sends behavioral health specialists into North Dakota communities to help people when and where they need it. These specially trained “skills coaches” teach and model coping skills to individuals whose ability to function in school, at work or at home has been affected by their mental health diagnoses.


The goal of Skills Coaching is to save families, communities, and individuals from the expense and trauma of crisis-point interventions, such as extended hospitalizations, incarcerations
or suicides.


Clients of all ages work with skills coaches who are trained in crisis management, de-escalation techniques, interventions, and trauma-informed care. The coaches also consult with the licensed providers at Abound Counseling to address more complex issues.


Guided by personalized treatment plans, the coaches work closely with clients and their families to teach, model and practice a variety of skills such as emotional regulation, self-calming techniques, socially appropriate behavior, budgeting, job interview skills and respect for other’s boundaries.


Skills Coaching is currently available in the Bismarck, Minot, and Fargo areas, although the network is expanding to meet demand. Imagine Thriving’s Skills Coaching services are reimbursed by North Dakota Medicaid for anyone with a mental health diagnosis. At this point, many private insurance companies aren’t paying for skills services, although private rates are available and LSSND will work with clients to arrange payment plans.


Skills Coaching is not meant to replace outpatient therapy, but to provide the client with another layer of support outside of a therapist’s office.  With a skills coach close by to help them navigate challenging situations, they can practice healthier behaviors, build confidence as they experience successes, and cultivate newfound coping skills and resilience.

Caregiver Connect

As a caregiver, it’s difficult to watch your loved one struggles with a mental health concern. Parents, spouses or adult children taking care of the ailing parents often feel alone, helpless and unsupported. It can be incredibly powerful and healing to connect with other caregivers who are going through similar experiences. Connecting with other caregivers who are going through or have gone through similar experiences can be very powerful and healing.


The Caregiver Connect programs are regularly scheduled meetings open to a limited number of enrollees. The programs begin and end on rolling intervals. Individuals need only register for the program to participate. Because of the generosity of our donors, there is no charge to take part in a Caregiver Connect program.


To learn more about an upcoming session or to register, contact Provider Relations Coordinator Tina Jacobs at or (701) 235-7341.

Case Management - NEW service coming soon!

We are excited to share that Case Management will be among the new services offered through Imagine Thriving. Case managers will help families and individuals navigate the complex and often unfamiliar world of behavioral healthcare by acting as a sort of administrative assistant for the family.


Their work will be tailored to the needs of the individual or family and might include coordinating appointments, sending reminders to refill medications or problem-solving with the client to work out scheduling or billing issues.


The primary goal of the case manager will be to ease the process of healing for clients and their families so they can stay focused on getting healthy.


To be notified when our Case Management services are available, contact Tina Jacobs, provider relations coordinator, at or (701) 235-7341.

Access to Care Fund

Specifically designed for parents who want to provide their children with mental health support, the Access to Care fund helps relieve ancillary financial costs associated with mental health care.


Expenses such as transportation to appointments, co-pays, and prescriptions can create a financial strain on families, which can result in a child going without care. The fund is designed to alleviate those roadblocks that prevent children from getting the care they need.


To learn more about the requirements to utilize the Access to Care Fund, contact provider relations coordinator Tina Jacobs at or (701) 235-7341.


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