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North Dakota


Healthy Families North Dakota is a home visitation program which often begins prenatally or early in a child’s life and may continue for three years.  All services with families are free and voluntary. Family Support Specialists offer education, support and assistance on topics such as parenting, child development and ways to reduce family stressors.

Through the collaboration of private and public agencies in the Grand Forks, Bismarck, Dickinson and Watford City areas, this impactful program provides support services to families at a critical transition time – when they are welcoming a new child to their family.

Healthy Families North Dakota is rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the

foundation for life-long, healthy development. Interactions between Family Support Specialists and families are designed to promote positive parent-child relationships and healthy attachments through strength-based, family-centered, culturally-sensitive and reflective practices.


Early childhood research shows that the first three years of life lay the foundation for how a child’s brain develops. As families, we want to give our children the best start possible!



There is no cost for families to receive services and services are not based on income eligibility. Services begin prenatally or early in a child's life and may continue for three years.


Talk to your doctor, nurse or hospital for more information on Healthy Families North Dakota. You may also stop in or contact us for more information.


Family Support Specialists visit new parents to provide them with referrals, support and information on the following:


pregnancy wellness | attachment and bonding | care and nutrition | parenting skills

child development | financial empowerment | support networks | stress reduction | healthy and safety

Counties Served

Grand Forks, Nelson, Burleigh, Stark, Dunn, Hettinger, McKenzie, Billings, Walsh, Pembina and Morton


Contact Us

Grand Forks Area

701-772-7577 phone

701-772-5001 fax


Bismarck Area

701-223-1510 phone

701-223-0440 fax

Watford City Area

701-343-3314 phone

Dickinson Area

701-335-8942 phone

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Has the child been born?
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Marital Status
Are you employed?
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I have enough income to provide:
I have a high school diploma or GED
I have someone I can count on for support
My prenatal care was covered by:
I saw a doctor in the first 3 months of pregnancy
I currently or have previously struggled with:
Have you considered adoption with current or previous pregnancy?

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