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Lutheran Social Services New Americans

Building Bridges Conference feature presentations

Florida Center for Survivors of Torture

The Florida Center for Survivors of Torture (FCST) serves survivors of political and state-sponsored torture living in Tampa Bay and Miami-Dade counties through an intensive case management and strength-based, client-centered model. The goals of the program are to increase self-sufficiency and self-efficacy and to support survivors in their healing process. FCST assists survivors in rebuilding their lives and works to empower them through a community-based approach.

  • Torture overview
  • Complex marginalization and trauma
  • Resilience and self-sufficiency
  • Informed service provision
  • The trauma story
  • Multicultural issues in service provision

Stories of Creating Community

Led by Brad Delzer, theater artist and storyteller

  • Hear the stories of refugees, immigrants and those who have welcomed them.
  • Learn how someone becomes a refugee; what life as a refugee is like; how refugees come to the United States; what the resettlement process is like; and how newcomers and welcoming communities impact each other.

Our Impact This Year

  • Licensed child care programs in ND serving 36,529 kids


  • More than 47% of ND kids have had 1+ adverse childhood experience


  • People in ND who were educated about their pregnancy and options


  • Luther Hall kids who saw significant mental health improvements after treatment


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