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Violence Free

Violence Free

Lutheran Social Services Violence Free holds batterers accountable by providing an opportunity through group treatment for them to change their belief systems for safety and respect in their significant partner relationships.

The program helps people who use violence as a way of gaining power and control over their partners or as a way of handling daily stress change their behavior.

People referred to Lutheran Social Services Violence Free go through a clinical interview and are required to fill out questionnaires dealing with intimate partner violence or their use of anger. The evaluator reviews the results and sends an evaluation to the referring agency with recommendations for the type of treatment.

The evaluator uses several instruments in formulating recommendations for treatment, including Spousal Risk Assessment Guide, Domestic Violence Risk Appraisal Guide and Domestic Violence Inventory. For domestic violence evaluations, the assessment tools used are The Violence Risk Appraisal, Psychopathy Check List Revised 2nd Edition and the Propensity for Abusiveness Scale.

Lutheran Social Services Violence Free is the only program in the South Central Region that meets the North Dakota Batterer Treatment Standards.

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Our Impact This Year

  • People received help with immigration-related services


  • Problem gamblers who found help


  • Hours of training provided by Child Care Aware to early childhood workforce


  • Seniors provided with companionship in North Dakota


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