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2016 Building Bridges Conference Highlights

Lutheran Social Services New Americans

Creating Opportunity for All of Us

This video by Concordia College's Community Action Team, shows how former refugees have been able to THRIVE in our Fargo-Moorhead community.


Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota resettles refugees and helps new immigrants get established in the state.

This work is an American tradition as old as our country, where people have always come for freedom and opportunity. It has been part of our ministry of service since 1946. We believe it is aligned with our Christian beliefs. We are proud to help new Americans get a fresh start, assist them in building a life where they and their children can thrive, and watching as they positively contribute to our communities and economies with their intelligence, exceptional work ethic and cultural diversity. 

We don't do it alone. Invaluable partnerships with many national, state and local agencies make our refugee resettlement programs and employment services possible. our partners include schools, churches, adult learning centers, civic groups, employers, individual volunteers and mentors, health-care organizations, social service agencies, the North Dakota Department of Human Services, national resettlement agencies, and the U.S. Department of States Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Please join us in welcoming our new neighbors.

Breaking the myths about immigration

Additional resources about immigration

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