Community Outreach

Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response

Current Needs

The response is Minot is completed. Thank you to all the volunteers that assisted in the cleanup and rebuild effort. You have made a difference in the lives of many!

Ongoing needs

Volunteers will be needed for when a disaster strikes. Preparation allows volunteers to maximize their efforts in the clean up and possible rebuilding houses impacted. Consider building teams for cleanup tasks and also forming teams to assist with rebuilding houses. The rebuild teams should have 2-3 skilled and 2 helpers.

"Skilled" doesn't mean professionals although they are certainly an asset. In rebuilding houses after a disaster, a "skilled" person is one who has experience through hands-on remodeling their home. Think of your skills this way: if I do this task, would I be satisfied with the quality for MY home?

Tasks may include:
- framing
- drywall hanging/finishing
- install doors/trim
- install windows
- general carpentry.

Want to help but need training on basic rebuild skills? Consider contacting your local home improvement store for free training workshops and then practice prior to deploying to a disaster. Some suggestions include:

Helpful resources

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phone: 1-800-950-2901

Be a blessing and be blessed at the same time!